3 Expedition Trucks Every Adventurer Secretly Wants


Expedition Truck RV

3 of the most luxurious expedition campers

Expedition trucks are getting increasingly more popular these days. That itself is actually not surprising, since you can drive to almost any place with these vehicles and conquer any terrain. And all that while carrying almost an entire house with you. An expedition truck takes you to places which you can’t access by using a normal road camper. It combines the driving characteristics of an off-road 4×4 vehicle and the comfort of an RV. An expedition camper feels just as home on a muddy or steep hill as on paved roads. An expedition truck is therefore the ideal combination for adventurers who seek adventure and freedom but want to do this with a considerable amount of comfort.

Today there are various types of expedition trucks for sale. From old to new and from large to ginormous. Regardless of their size, they all find their way through the mud and can easily give you a nice place to stay for a few months in the most remote areas. We list some of the most impressive expedition trucks that you can buy today.

Mercedes Unimog Moghome

Expedition Truck RV

Since its introduction in 1951, the Mercedes Unimog has been a part of the 4×4 truck landscape. Today it is not only used as a truck but also as a fire engine, rescue vehicle and it even drives the Dakar Rally. In fact, the Unimog is so good it has the most wins of all time in the Dakar Rally. The well-engineered 4×4 truck platform is great for a camper version and its manufacturer Mercedes has not missed that detail either. On the most recent Unimog, they offer a camper conversion package which they call the ‘Moghome‘.

This camper conversion is built by certified bodybuilders such as Ziegler Adventure. Nothing is left untouched in this expedition RV: from sleeping at high comfort to sanitary facilities which you can find in any house. With the Unimog as a strong base platform and the Moghome conversion, you can literally drive to any place and stay in the most remote places.

The price for the Ziegler Adventure Moghome starts from 341 000 dollars and that is without any extras. That’s a lot of money, but you also get a lot in return.

Darc-Mono Iveco Daily 4×4 Camper

Expedition truck RV

The most beautiful destinations are often the most difficult to reach, but with the Darc-Mono Iveco Daily 4×4 camper, you have a true all-rounder that will take you everywhere you want to go. The Iveco Daily 4×4 offers a turnkey, expedition-specific vehicle platform with exceptional off-road capabilities. It is, therefore, no wonder that many 4×4 camper builders use the Iveco as their base. This also applies to the German-based Darc-Mono. They claim to have built the ultimate expedition truck that not only offers comfort but also has great off-road capabilities. The Darc-Mono has a living compartment that is 6.7 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and 3.3 meters high. This living environment is completely built of carbon fiber. This ensures a strong construction that is extremely light. With its enormous tire size, 37 inches(!), no terrain is feared.

The Darc Mono isn’t cheap, but that is the case for any new expedition truck. The starting price is $355,000, but that is without any extras. For example, if you opt for the “Adventure” package, i.e. adaptive suspension, front bullbar, winch, carbon fiber snorkel, carbon fiber headlight guards, outdoor grill, and a more powerful battery, the price will be about $380,000. Pricey? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely!

MAN TGM SLRV Expedition Camper ‘4×4 Commander’

Expedition Truck RV

Of every ten trucks you see on the road, one is undoubted of the truck brand MAN. And it doesn’t just stop with trucks for the main roads. No, they also have models that do great on muddy and inhospitable roads. IN their model range they have the MAN TGM 13.280 4×4. This truck feels quite at home on gravel roads, forest paths, and in the mud. Expedition camper builder SLRV has used this MAN truck as the platform for their extremely versatile expedition truck: the SLRV Commander 4×4 Expedition Vehicle.

This expedition RV is a real home away from home. The living space has a very spacious interior and the long list of features makes this one of the most luxurious and well-equipped off-road campers available today. This expedition truck is ideal for those who need larger living space while traveling.

Just like the others, this expedition truck also gives your wallet quite a blow. SLRV sells the Commander 4×4 for a starting price of approximately $435,000.

Yes, expedition vehicles are pricey, but they have a lot to offer. The 4×4 trucks offer four-wheel drive, which is important when climbing mountains or traversing rough terrain, while also providing a lot of comforts. In addition to these three trucks, there are many more vehicles available on the market. All equally packed with a lot of comforts and great to drive on or off the paved road. Want to start a little smaller or don’t have the budget for an expedition truck? Then take a look at a 4×4, like a Jeep or Land Rover, in combination with a roof tent. For example, these rooftop tents are excellent for a family of 3.

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