Ignotus Gear Van Conversion Software, the free alternative to Vanspace


Converting a vehicle into a camper van is no easy task. Where do you start, and how do you efficiently organize everything? What can fit in the space? In the past, you would sketch everything out with pen and paper, but fortunately, nowadays there are programs that allow you to easily do this in 3D. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the camper van conversion software from Ignotus Gear, which is an impressive alternative to Vanspace. It’s a versatile 3D solution for all kinds of camper van conversions, where you can build everything according to your own taste. Plus! Unlike Vanspace, Ignotus Gear also offers a free version that you can use.

Ignotus Gear, a free alternative to Vanspace

Vanspace has become popular due to its capabilities for camper conversions. However, they mainly focus on vans and buses. If you’re looking for a broader alternative that also allows you to convert expedition trucks and off-road vehicles, Ignotus Gear offers you those options as well. So, you can not only convert a Fiat Ducato L3H2 but also set up a Land Rover Defender or Ford F150 as the ultimate camping vehicle. This makes it a versatile solution for many users because everyone is free to build according to their needs.

One of the most appealing features is that Ignotus Gear offers a free version that has all features, unlike Vanspace, which only offers a paid version.

The 3D software of Ignotus Gear

Within the Ignotus Gear software, the focus is on their powerful 3D tools. The program is built to be very user-friendly, and they have also put a lot of effort into creating helpful guides. It is good to know that it is not CAD software that shows you precise measurements. Although Ignotus Gear has an extensive measurement function in the application, it is primarily intended to bring your camper conversion ideas to life. You can easily create different layouts and see what works best for you.

Even in the free version of Ignotus Gear, you have a range of powerful 3D features. The free alternative to Vanspace includes an extensive 3D library that allows you to build the interior of your camper van. You can download the software directly from their website after registering with your email address. They will send you a license code along with the link to download the software for free.

Ignotus GEAR is built to be very user-friendly, and they have also put a lot of effort into creating helpful guides.

The key advantages of using Ignotus Gear

1. The diversity of vehicles gives you a wide range of choices compared to Vanspace. You can configure vans, 4x4s, pickups, expedition trucks, and trailers.

2. The powerful 3D software from Ignotus Gear is intuitive and extensive, making it easy to experiment with layouts, furniture options, color palettes, and other designs. You can even create a complete lighting plan with shadows to see where you can place spotlights, for example.

3. The availability of the free version is great. Unlike Vanspace, Ignotus Gear offers a free version with full features. You’ll have an ad banner in the bottom of the screen. If you don’t want to have ads then you can upgrade to the professional version which gives you priority updates, customer support and the ability to use the software commercially.


If you’re planning to convert a vehicle into a camper and are looking for a free way to visualize your plans, the 3D software from Ignotus Gear is very useful to use. In summary, it is a free alternative to Vanspace that offers even more flexibility. With the many vehicle options, availability of the free version, and powerful 3D software, planning and building your vehicle becomes an incredibly enjoyable activity.

To use the Ignotus Gear software, visit their website: https://www.ignotusgear.com.

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