These Three F150 Overland Builds Will Take You Anywhere


Truck Brigade’s Overland F150

F-150 Overland Build

The Truck Brigades F150 is built on a standard 2016 4WD Ford F150. They raised the truck first and then put a set of BFG 35” KO2 AT tires underneath. The stock shock absorbers have been replaced by a set of Fox Shocks. For sufficient storage space, a Decked drawer system has been chosen. This system is not only very strong but can also be divided up completely according to your own wishes.

For an Overland truck, it is important that you install storage systems that can not only withstand a heavy blow, but that can also store a lot of items. It has to be very easy to access as well. For sleeping, a roof tent of the Adventure Series Tri-Layer brand was chosen. They have also mounted several Decked storage boxes on the side of the Ford F150 for sufficient storage space. Finally, they also put a new front and rear bumper on it. Because of all these modifications, the F150 Overland Build is not only suitable for camping, but also for daily trips.

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Rossmönster’s Ford F150 Baja camper

F-150 Overland Build

The Baja is a rig that can be built on a Ford F-150, F-250, Ram 2500, Chevrolet Silverado 2500, or GMC Sierra 2500. It is designed to be compact yet still offer a usable living space. It has a custom composite exterior shell. The Baja is a special kind of car that has a cool roof that pops up and a back door that folds down.

It also has a special kind of air suspension that makes it ride smoothly. Inside, there is a kitchen with a fridge, a freezer, and a special cooktop. There are 30 gallons of fresh water storage. This means that there is enough room to store fresh water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The occupants sleep in a queen bed that is located above the truck cab. A solar array on the roof provides power to keep the lights on. The solar array converts sunlight into electrical energy which is stored in lithium batteries. The inverter then converts this stored energy into the AC power that is needed to run the lights.

The Baja is a truck that starts at $175,000. The price will change depending on what the buyer wants to customize and what model truck they want to start with. Once the customer tells Rossmönster what they want, Rossmönster will give them a build date and it will only take around three weeks to build the truck.

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