These Three F150 Overland Builds Will Take You Anywhere


BTR Edition Ford F-150 Tremor

F-150 Overland Build

The BTR Edition Ford F150 Tremor is packed with upgrades, starting with a Ford Licensed Accessories Yakima roof rack. That rack comes in handy with a rooftop tent that gives its adventurous owner and their guests a place to sleep. A built-in shower is also great for those overnight stays in the middle of nowhere. When hunger strikes, a well-equipped kitchen can whip up some gourmet meals, so there’s no need to rough it with a fire or eat pre-packaged goods.

There’s also a bike rack, so you can bring your two-wheelers along for side adventures or covering trails. The BTR Edition F150 Tremor is the perfect vehicle for an epic camping trip, with its Pro Power Onboard generator and Ford Performance Parts refrigerator and freezer. It also has a projector for late-night entertainment, making it the perfect backyard getaway vehicle.

In conclusion, the Ford F150 is a great choice for overlanding trips. It has the power and capability to handle off-road terrain, while also providing a comfortable and spacious interior for long drives. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one vehicle that can take you on your next overlanding adventure, the F150 should be at the top of your list. If you are interested in taking your truck offroad you also might be interested in this post: Top 10 must-have gear for every offroad trip.

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